Terms & Conditions

a. We expect that you would complete the registration process with fairness and honesty while furnishing your personal informations. You would appreciate that efficient and effective match making depend upon yourself furnishing true, accurate, current and complete information. You further undertake that you alone shall be responsible or liable for any information provided in this application form. In order to serve you better if BM requires additional details you agree to provide it.

b. Members are requested not to include key details of the profile in field other than the applicable field.

c. If at any point of time BM comes to know or has reasons to believe that any information provided by you for registration or otherwise is found to be untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete then BM shall have full right to suspend or terminate your membership and forfeit the amount paid by you towards membership fee and refuse to service you thereafter.

d. We provide Trust Badge to members which encompasses Identity Badge, Social Badge, Professional Badge and Reference Badge. Details mentioned below need to be provided for obtaining the relevant Badges :
         i. Social Badge : Social media account maintained with facebook / Twitter / Linkedin.
         ii. Reference Badge : The name, address and contact details of his friends / relatives.
         iii. Identity Badge : Copy of any government issued photo ID Cards.
         iv. Professional Badge : Copy of Educational certificate.
         v. Employment Badge : Copy of Pay Slip / employment proof with salary.

e. If you opt to avail our Verification and Trust Badge service offered by us, you agree to provide the copy of documents to prove your name, educational qualification, income, family photo, residence / office address, marital status (if applicable) to the Field Executive of the BM visiting you. Offline verification for Trust Badge is only applicable to Identity and Professional Badge. Once verification is rendered satisfactory, the member's respective Badges are activated online. The aim of offline veirification is only to check the availability of the documents as provided by the member. However, BM does not verify the origin, genuinety, legality of the documents or take any responsibility of the same. Based on the data provided to the Field executive if there is difference in the data provide in your profile, you irrevocably grant consent to BM to modify your profile accordingly.

f. If at any time you happen to edit the details which were provide or verified by BM then the trust badge/verification seal will be removed forthwith until proof for the same is submitted to BM.

g. For Social and Reference Badge entire details is provided by the member on their own and the same will be visible to the general public. Whereas BM will maintain confidentiality of all copy of the documents provided by you in respect of Identity / Professional Badge and shall take all possible and /or bonafide steps for maintaining the confidentiality. The same will not be made visible to the others members. However, BM may divulge such information if required by law.

h. If BM has reason to believe that the proof of provided by you is suspicious, then BM reserves the right to remove the authentication seal or suspend, remove, delete the profile at its own discretion.

i. Issuance of Verified or Trust Badge would depend upon your willingness to provide copy of the documents.

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