About Us

Sneha Samaj, Kerala

Registered Office: Vanika Vaisya Bhavan, Valiyasala, Thiruvananthapuram - 695036

Sneha Samaj, Kerala is the co-ordinate group of Employees at various levels - Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Industrialists and Commercialists, retired employees of Vanika Vaisya Community, which renders various services to people of the community. It is the Sneha Samaj, Kerala which introduced and maintains the Matrimonial Website “Sneha Samaj Matrimony” for the Vanika Vaisya families residing all over the world. 

Sneha Samaj, Kerala, which formed in1997 is a vibrant wing of the Sangham, a helping group to render various services to the people of our community. Employees belongs to Vanika Vaisya Community in Government, Quasi-Government, Public Sector Undertakings, Private Institutions & Firms, such retired hands, persons who owned Commercial, Industrial, other firms are members of Sneha Samaj. They sort out problems of our people when referred to them. The nature of the service rendered may include avoiding unnecessary delays in attending to some individual applications presented to the Govt. Departments, providing medical assistance to ailing people of the Community, counsel for sorting out some complicated problems faced by individuals or groups, give proper guidance to students and youth of our community for their studies and job search, give guidance in legal claims/cases, information sharing, conduct seminars, study tours, conduct District-State wise “Kalolsavam” etc.. 

Sneha Samaj, Kerala started and maintains the Matrimonial Website “Sneha Samaj Matrimony” for the entire Vanika Vaisya families residing all over the world.

Sneha Samaj is functioning under the State Committee (Head office in Thiruvananthapuram) and District Committees of all the Districts in Kerala. However certain Samaj Branches are also functioning under the District Committees of Sneha Samaj.

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